Blogging is NOT floating my boat.

and these days, for me, it is NOT blogging.
it has been a bit over a year since i posted here last.

I spent some time this morning cleaning up my sidebar links - i was sadly surprised to see how many other blogs have become defunct or neglected. blogs i had read for years have just stopped or disappeared all together - all of a sudden i felt left in the dust, wondering what these creative people had been up to. why did they stop blogging?  what are they doing now? how are they? 
bloggers, where are YOU?

Well. I'm still around. I'm still creating, painting and making.

I'm working on a new website.
I'm selling original items and artwork at my local retail pop-up shop in Skaneateles NY. I'm doing a bit of art licensing (mostly with Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids) 
I'm still working on renovating out 1896 home.
I'm crazy busy with 2 teenagers in the house.

you can find me daily on instagram and pinterest
and a bit on Facebook, here and here.

so long for now.

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