Friday Favorites. (on Tuesday)

jenn over at {cottage nest}  shared her Friday Favorites last week and invited readers to do the same. i'm game.. here's what is makin me smile these days..

blog: Mrs. Lilien Styin House. bold color, bling, design, & cocktails, all presented as pure eye candy. dreamy and darling. makes me feel very hip. (if i lived closer to Mrs. Lilien - i'd somehow wrangle myself an invite to one of her happy hours.)

lipstick: i'm a sucker for a red lipstick - i have tried all the stains (all a bit dry and flakey) but this one is different {Just-Bitten-Kissable-Balm-Stain}  Revlon rocks. great color, moisture and shine. (todays color: Romantic) 

shoes: sometimes function trumps form. sometimes you actually obtain both! on our recent trip to Morocco and Madrid we traveled with only one carry on bag each. ( that meant very, very little room for shoes!)  i needed shoes that allowed me to do walking, light hiking, worked at the beach, the desert,  the snowy cold Atlas mountains, & could play all day and then take me out at nite in a dress. here they are. The Creston by Naturalizer.   a slight heel, rugged traction, arch and support all hidden in an elastic backed ballet slipper. also available in 5 widths!        

"go to" jar sauce:  crazy weeknight schedules usually mean pasta, sauce and local bakery bread for dinner at least once a week here at home! i'm loving this sauce! Victoria Tomato Basil ( i can get it at Walmart and Target)  tastes very homemade -kinda similar to one of my favorite local Italian restaurants

so there ya go. and like Jenn says .. "I'd love to hear about some of yours and if you feel like blogging about them, come back by and leave a link in the comments. I love discovering new things."  so - go gather your Favs and link back in the comments to BOTH of us!


  1. Thanks for the tips! I like Revlon and hadn't seen these yet.

  2. I LOVE your list lady! Those shoes just went right on my to buy list. I'm pretty frugal with shoes usually but I will admit that comfortable shoes were the one thing missing from our Europe trip last June. I can't wait to try these!