swoon w drooz #12: Charles Darwin inspired bedroom

 This is my sons room. Clark is almost 14 years old.  He is a collector, an inventor, a scientist, antique and flea market fanatic, and world explorer. His room is fitted with treasures new and old...we were going for a modern Charles Darwin feel... focus and a main goal of clutter control! (Clark is also a bit of a hoarder - I have no idea were it gets that from!) The red cabinets are from Target - a perfect way to display collections & nicknacks - condense clutter and minimize "dusting" time! (there is one on each side of the bed) .... under the double bed are large plastic under bed boxes for legos, books, and projects in progress.) The room also has a desk for homework (or taking mechanical things apart), a giant English wardrobe armoire (there is no built in closet in this old room!), and a 40 gallon turtle tank. 
oh boy!

art: Gone Fishin' - drooz studio/oopsydaisy
(show in hand painted RED - OD offers, brown, green, turquoise)
nightstand" red "curio"cabinets: windam accent cabinet- target
turtle shell: Nate Berkus: Target
round red mirror: Hobby Lobby
turquoise bed side trays: Hobby Lobby
wall paint: Sherwin Williams Ethereal Mood
branch lamps: Homegoods
STUFF wire basket: LaylaGrayce
book: The Origin of the Species: amazon

bed (vintage) i actually bought this is High School at a garage sale , for my college room! i have painted it 3 times/different colors - it has a great shape and lovely details.
ceiling light fixture, explosive wooden box, misc wall art : vintage, antique and customers own. throw pillows...old ones from Marshalls, Kohls and etsy. Houdini poster from a school research project.

similar tray: west elm
framed butterflies: Evolution
red microscope: here.. 

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