swoon w drooz #8: Marrakesh and Peacocks!

This week i am away on a family adventure to Morocco.... the land of color, texture, spice, pattern & richness. i have always been drawn to Moroccan design and architecture - so colorful and bold. for part of the trip we are staying at the Peacock Pavilions - featured in countless travel magazines, Elle Decor and Lonny - i'm so excited to experience it and hopefully get a chance to chat with owner, Maryam Montague. i'm ready to swoon Marrakesh style.

drooz studio art: Have Pride in All you DO: sweet sayings/ OopsyDaisy
leather pouf: Lavender - overstock
Moroccan tea glasses: casbash decor
metal bexley bar: world market 
lighting: shop candelabra 
rug: moroccan trellis
tissue box: hay market designs
yellow bowl: jonathan adler 
pillow: Jonathan adler 
book: Marrakesh by Design: Maryam Montague
camel statue: etsy

over the years i have designed hundreds of paintings, patterns, items.

my thought process of creating something new often originates in, 
places i've travelled, 
special items i have collected, 
an experience i've been privileged with, 
my children and their ever-changing interests, 
the design challenge to combine classic & trend,
or a precious memory i'd like to make last forever.

combined with my great love of decor & home..
and the fact that my art is often turned into products & art for decor, i have to admit my biggest inspiration when creating a new design  is to imagine the room or space my work may inhabit someday. 
envision it live.
the story it will help tell.
the visual journey it may invoke. 
the place it will adorn & the items it will share it with.
the way it might make one swoon.

this year i will "attempt" a weekly "SWOON w drooz"...
a new space, place, or experience inspired by my artwork each week.


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  1. Absolutely beautiful Shelly! So much warmer than here at home and up in your neck of the woods which is where we were just Sunday.
    I am envious ~ made more so because my daughter will be going abroad to Cairo and Fez this Summer. :)
    I have loved seeing it though your images. It has been a dream of mine to stay at Peacock Pavilions ever since I first started reading My Marrakesh ~ the first blog I actually started reading before starting my own. Thank you for sharing! ~ Rebecca