swoon w drooz #1 : emerald.

i'm sure you've heard all about it.
emerald is the Pantone color of the year  2013.
i'm not too crazy about it. but maybe it will grow on me.
i played around with a room board based on my drooz studio
Happy Camper wall art (very emerald!) i'm pretty sure my little 
boy would be very comfortable hanging out in this space.
ok. so would i.

wall art canvas:  drooz studio Happy Camper 
teething bracelet
love bird accent : stray dog design 
throw: ikea
ottoman: target 
throw pillow: rest area- Land of nod
dresser: maine cottage 
ball: green beach ball

over the years i have designed hundreds of paintings, patterns, items.

my thought process of creating something new often originates in, 
places i've travelled, 
special items i have collected, 
an experience i've been privileged with, 
my children and their ever-changing interests, 
the design challenge to combine classic & trend,
or a precious memory i'd like to make last forever.

combined with my great love of decor & home..
and the fact that my art is often turned into products & art for decor, i have to admit my biggest inspiration when creating a new design  is to imagine the room or space my work may inhabit someday. 
envision it live.
the story it will help tell.
the visual journey it may invoke. 
the place it will adorn & the items it will share it with.
the way it might make one swoon.

this year i will "attempt" a weekly "SWOON w drooz"...
a new space, place, or experience inspired by my artwork each week.


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