well HELLO there!
how are you? 
..I'm fine thank YOU. summer has ended... kids are back at school, lunches are being packed, homework is being done, routine has been reclaimed (yuck.) i already miss the mayhem of summer!

i'm super busy with drooz. but loving it! As always... every Fall I break open with designs that i have collected all summer..( ideas that seem to take a back burner to fun & family).. and i look forward to executing them once the kids are back at class! 

in addition - we closed on our new/old house. we have not moved in yet. but, we have been spending all free time over there (2 miles away)  lots to do before we change our address for good! .. wallpaper to come down (taking a long time - very non-cooperative wallpaper removal! and EVERY wall is papered!),  skim coating, sanding, painting, fence to be installed for dog, garage needs to be re built ( so we have some extra storage for all belongings while we finish attic studio and storage,  and possible addition) ... packing, moving over slowly... all while showing current home and attempting to keep it clean and tidy (not so easy)

here's a peek at one of the future spaces.. ( the guest room) the boarder was removed (thats why it is darker at top)  we will be painting all walls a crisp white. Due to the  radiator, closet, and built in desk ... the beds pretty much have to go here as shown.. I did a quick mock up of how to deal with that pesky off center window (I am very symmetry centric!) ... . its ok. i think i will work!

1. beds (pair of twins from my husbands childhood bedroom)
2. bedding (pottery barn kids Emmy monkey - very old and discontinued)
3. wall sconces- lampsplus... see then here.
4. art- roses: shelly kennedy original art
5. accent pillows: LaylaGrayce ... here. 

 sweet dreams. ( and yes. family & friends... we are taking reservations!) 

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