wanna buy my house?

we are on the MOVE. 
(wanna buy my house?)
update: SOLD!!!! NOV 2011 

it has been awhile for me since living in a "house for sale"- we have been here at our current home for almost 13 yrs.  i'm recalling that selling your house kinda sucks. (the prep. the cleaning. the constant tidying up - no laundry can pile up, no dished stacked in the sink. ) its only been listed for a week - i'm so over it already!

after years of decisions (and indecisions!) ...decisiveness and huge amounts of indecisiveness!
....we have finally decided to move.  over the past 5 years we've looked at other houses, had plans to build, had plans to add on - but i think we have decided. (we actually already bought the other house! ... to close in August! more on that soon. very exciting!) 

i do love our home here. amazing location - walk to school, the village, the lake.
great neighbors, great yard, and a huge in ground pool. 

but change is good.  some more space would be nice (now that i'm back working at home - i need lots of room!)  a new adventure. new to do lists. learn the lay of a new land. (we are only moving 2 miles away - but the new place is a whole different vibe!) 

we live in central New York. Skaneateles, New York to be exact. (between Syracuse & Buffalo) 
 CLICK here to see  our listing (4 bedrooms. 2 1/2 baths. central air. full basement. large village yard)
 (if you happen to know anyone in the area looking.. please share!) here's a peek!

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  1. Are you kidding? What a steal! I hope it sells so fast it makes your head spin. Somebody will be very lucky to have it.