things that should be shared...

some things should just be shared. 
this is one of those things.

my new favorite "cleaning" medium is OXY CLEAN - Laundry.
(the laundry formal is a bit thicker - gel like... hangs on better to eat at the mess!)  you know how all those items around you stove top can get kinda grimy? (the spices and oils, the utensils sitting near by, under the hood, the wall behind....)

i have a vintage "dinner is done bell" that sits on our stove top - it is constantly covered in grease and grime. the other day (who know WHAT possessed me to clean it! but... i did) ... and what worked amazing was a few squirts of OXY CLEAN- Laundry... a few minutes of sitting a waiting - and voila! it all wiped right off! .... bright, shiny and sparkly new!  next was my Waring blender (which was covered in smoothie, margarita, and some sort of sticky brown mess... - again - voila! a few squirts - looks like new!!!! no scrubbing... i just wiped away crud and yuck - even in all those crevices! 

watch out KitchenAid - you are up next!
(happy cleaning!) 


  1. I dont think I've ever tired oxy- but I will be sure to add it to my cart next time I'm at Target, I love anything that can get stove grease off :)

  2. Seriously? That's brilliant. My fave all purpose cleaner was Fantastic Oxy cleaner and I can't find it anywhere. Guess I'll give this a shot. It will be handy having something dual purpose especially since I'm always having to treat stains on my little one's clothes.