leave me alone

(artwork drooz studio © 2012)

oh my.
i've been very neglectful of this poor ol' blog. i'm all for "blog without obligation" ... but i guess i might be taking that a bit far.

in all honesty.. it is a bit much to keep prompt with all this social media. facebook. twitter. blogger. linkedIn. pinterest. flickr. - not too mention attempting to maintain an up to date website! where does one draw the line? where is time best spent? is the social media reeeally translating into dollars for me? yes- it is fun. and i love feeling in touch with many others as i work from home - but really, is it the best way to spend my time? it is so
darn distracting!

lately i'd rather "read" blogs much more that "write" blogs.
-and i have noticed that even my blog reading has diminished a bit.

with only so many hours in the day - i'm working on improving my computer skills, learning new design techniques, expanding my portfolio mix, and actually "reading" many of 100's of books i have laying around here. (and spending way too much time on Pinterest. it's bad. really bad. )

i'm feeling like i need to hide in my studio ... and just CREATE...
completely uninfluenced by external forces ( remember those days?)
less absorbing. dig deep. more thinking and feeling. ... and "making".
( see above... new artwork HAS been inspired!)

need to kick start your creativity? check out "Finding Your Muse" with Alisa Burke (a FREE online course that looks great!) and i highly recommend the Hello Soul Hello Business - i'm currently taking course one (course two starts in Sept 2012) ... FYI - clear your plate if you are considering HSHB - very extensive course load... and you will want lots of time to play with your thoughts and nurture the ideas that you WILL awake!)

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