welcome to the end of summer.

welcome to the end of summer.
i have to say - i'm kind of ready.
the slower pace, the cooler weather,
and many fun Fall things to do (wear & eat!)

on my mind..... (coffee with a touch of cream and smidgen of gingerbread syrup, all-spice, cozy socks, home made baked breads, casseroles and crock pots, oatmeal, & gold jewelry)

- finally organize for (and HAVE!) the garage sale i was
going to have ALL summer.

- finally finish up a few art projects that have lingered in the
studio all summer.

- i'd like to cozy up on THIS cafe colored loveseat with my hubby:

-i'd like to make THIS:

... and sparkle in THIS:

- i'd like to kick around in THESE:

and eat THIS: (anything with Gruyere cheese really)

... and indulge in a few of these (pumpkin chocolate chip cookies)

and cozy up in THIS:



  1. Im ready for end of summer too, first time ever, we had triple digits 60 days straight!!! Love all the inspiration pics:O)

  2. You are reading my mind girl! All of those things are on my mind. Especially gruyere, boots and pumpkin! I'm also preparing for the garage sale I put off all summer and dreading every moment of it.