out of my creative box!

every once in awhile i get to step out off the canvas and paper (out of my creative box!) and into something BIG and exciting! This is a project that i have helped a dear friend develop over the years... a hair salon! "Bijou" opened a few years ago... and then expanded (more than doubled) a few years later - I helped with:

-logo/design and tag line
- interior design- color palette, style, layout & over all "feel"
-sourcing, shopping and pulling the LOOK together!
-staging for photo shoots
- staging for daily design, displays and productivity
- designed & painted wall art

it is a happy place... full of comfort, color and conversation!

take a PEEK!

occasionally i help out with design items such as:

- window signs (help wanted?)
- backgrounds, banner and icons
-promos, coupons & brochures
-special events

they could then "stand" in the front window on the comfy benched waiting area)

wallpaper for twitter...
stickers for bags...

stickers for bake sales!
(one of the MANY MANY ways Bijou gives back to the community!

..and promos and social media pushes.

and occasionally, i get to be a part of something REALLY BIG!
Bijou Salon was names one the Salon Todays "Salons of the YEAR!" - that's HUGE!

it was nice to help out.. and nice to be appreciated! ... Kim (owner of Bijou) says... " Shelly Kennedy, my virtual decorator and cherished friend. How many times had we done a salon in our head. You kept me focused and kept me on task. It could have never turned out so unique and wonderful without your magic touch. You made it all so easy, we just pointed and picked and didn't stress, it just happened like magic. You are magic!"

well KIM...i think you are magic too! (take a look at the amazing
cut, color & curls she created for me last week!)

if you are ever in my neck of the woods...
please be sure to check out this "little gem of a salon" in person!
(check out the Bijou website, blog, FB and twitter!)