shelly's ode to summer..

august is creepin' up on us. summer is slippin' away! i still have lots of fun (and work) to focus on... so posts here many be sparse for a bit.. here i leave you with my "ode to summer". these are some of my favorite summer goodies... not necessarily meant to all be used together! enjoy!

1. Mercer's Wine Ice cream. Not just wine flavored... but it contains real wine (yes. you need to be 21 to purchase!) 2. non- toxic, eco- friendly nail polish by SCOTCH in Stiletto. 3. darn it! looks like i missed my chance on this Calypso caftan - all sold out! 4. oh. how darling. i'm a sucker for anything made by Harvey's (the Original Seat Beat Bag) - but i'm extra smitten with this picnic tote (seatbelt printed with woven wicker - the lining is red & white check!) 5. love these sandals! KorkEase - Bette. 6. black and white striped cabana - this picture is from ZGallerie...but the link is no more :( 7. Summer House: by Terry John Woods - add a touch of crisp, cool, breezy , summer decor to your place. Stay Cool. enjoy the rest of Summer...see ya soon!


  1. Wine ice cream!! What the - ? Eep! I want some!

  2. i had those shoes (#5) in the 70's and i LOVE THEM..but cant believe how expensive they are now! I believe mine were from an east coast shoe store called Bakers

  3. You have a very nice blog! Happy I got a chance to take a look around! Your newest follower!

    Mark @ room 363