my summertime check list

are you ready? it's feeling like summer!
i'm ready... let the good "summer" times ROLL!

bright yellow canvas purse and plenty 'o bug spray. check.

big basket of pool towels strategically placed by the back door.
(don't forget to grab one on your way out to splash!) check. check.

giant wooden pedestal bowl FULL of shells from our beach travels. check
(we live steps from the lake... but on super hots days we dream of the ocean!)

outdoor furniture piled high with comfy outdoor pillows
(and gentle reminders of "exactly" what we are supposed to be doing!) check.

wire baskets to wrangle the herds of colorful flip flops that seem to multiply overnight. check.

summertime "word" of the day. LEMONADE of course! check.

quick summertime snacks to feed grumblin' tummies on the GO! check.

summer time.
B R I N G it on!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome!! Im ready for summer:O) Actually here summer came in May along with triple digits:O) Love all the ideas:O)