Paris on the brain.

oh my - where do the days go?
i'm trying to focus and get back to work...
(as I was away most of May....
and a tad behind on my to-do lists!)

but... Paris keeps popping into my head!
(i guess you might say i'm a bit distracted)

it's been a bit over a week since we returned from our fabulous, romantic, trip to Paris to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary... (yes... of course i have some photos to share!) it was my second time to Paris... first time that I visited in the Spring. Paris in the Spring.
*sigh*. heavenly.

it was a week of perfect weather, art, flea markets (yes. my husband is a Saint and actually enjoys browsing flea markets ! I am a lucky girl ) Moulin Rouge, Monet, Giverny, cafes, boat rides, bottles of wine, late night cocktails & later morning breakfasts, and explored the streets of Paris until we couldn't stand anymore (sometimes literally!) We stayed a few days on the Left Bank, and a few days on the Right Bank, ate like a King & Queen, soaked up the atmosphere and just took time to wander and see where we ended up.

i enjoyed a "creative re-charge"... everywhere i looked.. the colors, the patterns & textures, the new against the old.i love the juxtaposition of old and new, vintage and modern - that mixed with the colors and styles of Paris - perfection. i took good notes... did a bit of sketching... and am ready to put my ideas to work!

here's a peek into our trip..

so there ya have it. just a peek into the week that still has me a bit distracted.
i did have a good opportunity to put my trip and site seeing to good use on a work project this weekend! here's a sneak peek at 2 paintings (well... this is actually two portions of two paintings... i can't show the whole pieces ) that I was asked to work on this weekend for a last minute assignment. "Paris..ummm.. sure.. I can paint Paris!"

...and now for the BEST part of all! the oh so talented (and OH SO "giving" !) Jordan Ferney over at OH Happy Day blog
is running a doozie of a contest! a giveaway for a 7 DAY TRIP FOR TWO TO PARIS, FRANCE! It’s true. she's put together a major giveaway that includes 7 night stay at Mama Shelter, the hippest boutique hotel in Paris. Roundtrip Airfare from the continental United States to Paris, France.

I SO want to win this.
(i'd go back tomorrow if i could)

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  1. Paris agrees with you pretty lady! You are absolutely glowing. How lucky to get to go for a romantic trip for two!