my hometown..

I'm very lucky to live in a very beautiful, special place. It is my hometown of Skaneateles, NY. Skaneateles is a small village located at the north end of Skaneateles Lake - one of the amazing Finger Lakes. Our village is full of charm and history, adorable shops & amazing historic homes and architecture - it truly is a one of a kind place. of my favorite places to visit is the Lockwood Farm... "Lockwood Farm is a 120 acre flower and fiber farm overlooking Skaneateles Lake in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. Established in 1854 the farm has been in the Lockwood family for five generations. We harvest acres of wheat, barley, soybeans, corn and lavender. June through August we invite the public to pick lavender and enjoy the scenery. During the winter and spring seasons we welcome lambs to our flock of Corridale sheep" . i recently visited ... and i just had to share.. please visit their blog for amazing recipes for lavender syrup, lavender margarita, lavender & lemon pound cake, lavender salad dressing, lavender creme brulee and more.. and their facebook page for last minute goings on! if you live any where near central NY... come visit next weekend as Lockwood Lavender celebrates the 4th annual Finger Lakes Lavender Festival , Saturday, July 9th & Sunday, July 10th

all kinds of goodies, gifts & treasures...

some pretty honey stix to stir into your summer lemonade..
if you are in the neighboor.. stop by! be sure to pick up some fudge sauce from Sundaes Best (especially the Lockwood Lavender fudge sauce - to die for!)
the views from the farm are spectacular... as far as the eye can see.... lavender, lush and lake!

Gracie... the sweetest ( and cleanest ) farm dog i ever did meet!
Gracie giving me some LOVE!

don'tcha feel slightly more calm and relax now ... lavender will do that ya know.


  1. What a beautiful town:O) Im lucky to live 10mins away from a town just like that called Salado Tx:O) Thanks for sharing:O)

  2. Hello. We have family in Skaneateles and were just there this past weekend! LOVE the area so very, very much :)SO GORGEOUS!

    We also visited Karen's Lavender Farm..such a wonderful place. I will be doing the Lavender Festival next year.

    Beautiful post. Wishing you a lovely day,

  3. Amazing pictures you captured from your camera.That`s are so talented dude.

  4. These are really great pictures captured very professionally.