how very painterly of you.

so, you all know i am a painter. i love color - i love original art. i have just a few of my own paintings displayed at home (i'm really much more in love with the works of others!) i have slowly started collecting original pieces - hoping to someday only have original art (vs. prints and reproductions) in our home. i have invested in a few hefty price pieces - but really wonderful pieces can be found on ebay and etsy for very reasonable costs - i have my favorites (and have small collections from Toni Grote , Bonnie Taylor Talbot and Jennifer Lanne) My tastes and preferences are all over the place- ranging from super realism to ultra modern abstract - i tend to gravitate towards high contrast & lots of color - take a peek at some of my online favorites.

Modern Contemporary Original Abstract Oil

Painting by Marissa Vogl on Etsy -

Mineolas 4 by Margaret Owen
11"x 14", oil on canvas -
see it here.
this piece would be lovely in my kitchen
love those intense colors and bold strokes .

yellow flags by Brooke Wandall of VedaArts
(Original mixed media on unstretched canvas, 10 1/2''x 9 1/2') ... can't you just imagine the party going on just out of frame?

this piece.. Eggplant and Glass Dish (6x6 oil on canvas panel)
by Linda Hunt - visit her etsy store...
( i also love her Vanity IV daily piece)

ok- probably the most unique method of painting per this bunch.. Boob Art for Breast Cancer by artist Megan Biram - Megan says" My boob paintings are a combination of abstract painting layered with prints of my boobs. Yes, you read that correctly, I actually paint my boobs and stamp them on the canvas." way to go Megan - i'd be proud to hang this in my house! just beautiful and brilliant! ( not too mention amazing topic for party conversations!)

Peonies by my good friend Hetty Easter of HREaster. her work takes my breath away - (also check out her amazing Portrait of the Day works to commission a Portrait)

love. love. LOVE this. Colors 2 by Jen Ramos of Cocoa Hearts. this piece is SOLD... but a few similar can be found here.

are you are inspired to go find yourself some favorite original art? please do. help support an artist.


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