drooz (as seen here....)

i have been ohhing and ahhing over this house all week. it was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal and on countless blog features last week- it is the home of author Emily Giffin (Author of Something Borrowed and Something Blue) this stunning property and house is for sale! you can view the selling specs for this amazing home here. i just love each room, the white space, all the decor, the art, the colors, the backyard checkered pattern.

i was even more delighted to see that Emily likes MY style as well!
LOOKIE here.... she choose a pair of drooz studio retro boy stretched art pieces for her twin boy's room! NICE! thanks Emily!

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  1. Hiya Shelly!

    oh this house is fabulous - even more so with your artistic touch. We just spend the weekend in Coronado (CA) and that's my new dream town, with an ocean view of course.

    thanks for sharing the joy with me on the new fabric line.