busy and seeking balance.

oh LORDY, can you say "busy"? i sure can!
i like to be busy... but this is getting a bit ridiculous!
seek balance. so easier said than done!

so, what am i up to you ask? well...
-putting the finishing touches on a new gift line...
-working on a new website look ...
- working on new art...(spring is so darn inspiring!)
-toying again with the plans to build a new house
(designs, meetings, numbers - ugh!)
-planning LOTS of travel:: Brimfield antiques show (May 13-15),
NYC (May 16-18) , Earth Angels Spring Fling (May 21-22)

and best of all...PARIS!! end of May
with my fabulous husband to celebrate our 15th anniversary.

..and I'm just about bursting at the seams to tell you about a new business i've partnered in! it's "hush" for a few more weeks - but i can say it is exciting, and good, and very needed, and will help many! we are launching at the National Stationary Show in May.

breathe. breathe. dance around and cheer..breathe. seek balance.
(don't be alarmed if you don't hear from me for awhile!)

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