s-l-o-w down. let it steep.

i've been a bit under the weather lately. crazy cold/cough/sinus thing that went thru the whole house. I thought i beat it. ( i think that mad "IT" mad... now i got it worse than any of 'em!)
i've been taking in slow... feeling a bit better. i've been enjoying some tea. lots of tea.

a good friend of mine has a fabulous new website dedicated to the art of tea. take at look over at drinkT. a beautiful assortment of all types of tea, delicious flavors, and great gift ideas. for my birthday i received this loose tea filter and an assortment of loose teas. (i'm liking the Magic Moon & Kir Royal blends). it's nice to take a minute, relax, watch the tea brew... and smell it's wonderfulness! s-l-o-w down. let it steep.

i think i might like to try this honey too. pretty, huh? this "White Honey" comes from the wildflowers of Idaho. The exquisite honey has a creamy texture that melts on your tongue. It has a pure, clean taste and is perfect on fresh bread or muffins with a cup of tea."

and maybe sip my tea from these pretty cups..

lots of rest for me this weekend .. along with yummy warm tea, vitamin C and much coziness ! lots to do next week! ...m-u-s-t f-e-e-l b-e-t-t-e-r!
many fun new projects on the horizon! happy weekend!


  1. Thank you Shelly. I am glad you are enjoying your tea and I really hope you feel better soon. The Winter White honey taste sinfully delicious on warm crusty french bread.

  2. Despite the fact that I usually drink my tea black, I fell in love with the way they prepare tea in Asia; especially in India. When I was in Calcutta visiting my then-fiance's parents, his mother taught me how to prepare tea Indian-style! First, you bring some water to a boil. Then, add milk. Next, add some sugar. Finally, drop loose tea leaves directly into the liquid. Steep for a few minutes, strain and serve. It is SO much tastier than the American way of preparing! ; ) (Oh - and for spiced tea, add cinnamon, cardamon pods and star anise while steeping.)