dreaming of far away places...

i've been away on a wonderful adventure! we just got back from a week in New Orleans filled with Jazz, Creole, museums, culture, art, parades & beads galore! i was all ready to get back to work... focus, focus! ...instead... i was just flipping thru my mail.. and YIPPIE! chasing fireflies early summer 2011 catalog is featuring my Exotic Kingdom peel & place wall art! now i'm all revved up for another trip to a far-away land! i love the wall color they choose for their photo shoot... and and really adore the items they have paired with the art - truly transforming any space into a "dream of far way places!"


  1. Darling!!! This is so you! And Chasing Fireflies... the owners are as nice as their products. Congrats, it looks wonderful & no doubt they'll fly out the door.

  2. Omg sooo adorable!!:O) Love the colors and the animals, wish my kiddos where younger but I will pass this on to other moms of youngsters:O)