drooz is growin' up.

yeah! yeah! drooz studio is growing up.

the new "teen" & "home" collections are here!

"for ten years I have designed art geared towards infants and toddlers. now, and as my own children are growing up, I have been inspired to "grow" my design style as well. I'm so proud of my latest creations and the messages they share. ...a collection of images that are geared toward a teen sensibility. with two pre-teens in our house (one girl, one boy!) we are going through lots of changes here! social, personal, academic, spiritual - you name it! I find myself wanting to boost my kids confidence more and more as they deal with new issues- encourage them to be the best they can be and inspire them to greatness.... or at least help them make it thru the day! my focus in these designs is to provoke positive messaging, motivation, inspiration, celebration, encouragement,and over-all daily reminders "to be your best".

these giclee prints (offered by Oopsy Daisy and available at drooz.com) were originally created by Shelly Kennedy using photography, hand painting, collage, vintage images, and digital altering. over 60 new images - they are available in a BOY teen collection, GIRL teen collection and a HOME collection. the TEEN collection pieces are 14 x 14. HOME collection 18 x18. also offered is a trio and a "9 square" in each series (shown above).


  1. LOVE the new collection, shelly! and your fabulous stack of books...jealous. :) xo

  2. very cool! congrats on the new venture

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such sweet comments! I adore your new "grown" up line of canvases... very charming and "out of the box"! Teenage style art is so hard to tackle, it is such a hard age to design for. Yours are lovely!