can't live w/o for 2011

we are almost a month into this new year ... here are a few of my new "favorite finds"- items i think i just can not live without in 2011!

1. my arsenal of METHOD cleaning products. i have slowly replaced all my cleaning goods with these wonderful, all natural, amazing smelling products. (next step... add in some Young Living Theives cleaner) 2. i have a thing for pencils. these rock. they are never too far from their counterpart -the black sharpie fine point. 3. GELISH - soak off nail polish - in dark grey. a-m-a-z-i-n-g. really lasts 2 weeks, and i am terribly tough on my hands. (must be professionally applied - save your pennies, the manicure is so worth it!.. inquire at your local salon) 4. like they say, Bumble & Bumbles "surf spray" delivers sexy, salty, sun-dried, windswept styles - whenever, wherever. who can argue with that? 5. love it. Kellogg's Special K Cinnamon & Pecan cereal- a crunchy mix of rice and wheat flakes, sprinkled with cinnamon and pecans.- could eat it all day. probably shouldn't. 6. my two favorite flavors - brought to you by weight watchers, dark chocolate & raspberry ice cream bars - rich, dark chocolate flavored coating on the outside and cool, low-fat raspberry ice cream on the inside. seriously decadent. 7. i just discovered this company FRESH - and i'm in LOVE with all the products - my 2 favs.. Black Tea cream and.. 8. the Soy face Cleanser - silky smooth, one of the best face products ever! both are perfect for winter- light but super effective. 9. it's all about the sparkle - 9 & 10 don't disappoint! bare minerals body lingerie - a puff of sheer, lush, SPARKLE - plus it looks so pretty sitting on your dresser! 10. BENEFIT ( really can't go wrong with anything they make) Bella Bomba Blush - a 3D brightening pink face powder - perfect rosy shade

(and a few things I CAN live without for 2011)

1. my trusty ol' DELL laptop. I'm sorry DELL - you were a steady faithful friend for over 10 years.. but the MACbook has wooed me to no end. you will always hold a special place in my heart. 2. copy cats. nough said.
3. meat?? my 13 yr old daughter is almost a year into vegetarianism . we are cooking a veggie option for each meal- I might just give the whole "veggie thing" a whirl.


  1. Im going to have to try the Method cleaning products, Im constantly getting headaches from using Clorox and started using rubbing alcohol to clean too, the smell is much more tolearable:O)And I def need number 7:O) Thanx for sharing and have an Awesome Day:O)

  2. isabel - the Method products really work well! even the floor cleaners - they are TOUGH! our dog (only 5 yrs old) started having seizures in may 2010 - he died just 2 weeks after his first seizure du to the meds the vet put him on - a friend told me that SWIFTER floor cleaners ( which i DID use- and used the morning of his first seizure) could cause seizures in dogs - who knows - but i wasn't chancing it with my other dog.

  3. some cool new items that I will have to try:) i'm doing the veggie thing this year too! well, with the exception of seafood. i like it so far