kitchen details...

we've been entertaining the idea of building a new house for the past two years.. my idea files are bursting at the seams... i was cleaning out my computer files (I DID get the new 17" macBook on my wish list!) and while browsing thru my "kitchen" ideas found a handful of images that appeared a handful of times each (funny how you know when you "like" something.. you "LIKE" something! I keep saving the same images over & over again!) i spent lots of time in my kitchen over the weekend ... and while i do LOVE it.. i could easily love any of these too!
( last 2 are my fav!) enjoy!

(so sorry... i don't have credits for any of these.. if you do... please let me know!)


  1. all these are amazing:) i hope you get your dream kitchen soon. i really love the open shelf restaurant-bar look.

  2. Hey Doll,
    "Happy New Year!"
    Have A Fabulous 2011!