before and after...

a room "flip-flip" update... as some of you remember... (and many have reminded me that i never posted "after" pics) we had a smallish home project going on here a few weeks ago.we are almost complete... (when will I ever learn that there are NO small projects!)we decided to flip flop 2 rooms: our 12 yr old daughter would take the guest room (going from the largest room the house to the smallest room) and her old room would become a large up stairs family/guest room (after pics of that space SOON!)
before: hum-ho, neutral guest room.. cozy and warm - but not so "wow". after: lounge-like, bold "teenager" bedroom, "dressing room" style - lots of drama and bling!

everyone is very pleased with the results! and so, while her room & bed shrunk considerable,she gained a 10 foot closet space! my husband opened up what was once a very small closet and built a new closet into the entire lenght of the north wall - now flanked in gunmetal satin curtains her room feels like a "dressing room" - elegant and flashy!

(wall, trim, lighting, and some minor floor repair, as well as some serious clutter control issues and many trips for salvation army drop-offs... added a few weekends to the project - but well worth the wait) here's my before drawing - we came pretty close


  1. What an awesome room!! Love the colors:O) Lucky teen:O)

  2. Oh my God, Shell!!!!!!!! I want to move in with you!!!! Chloe is one lucky girl!

  3. looks great! can you guys come down and help with the jules' room redux!