weekend warrior

we are planning some room flip-flopping here at home this weekend...ugh. i'm not looking forward to the "work"... but am very anxious for the end result! we are taking our daughter's room (which happens to be the largest room in the house) and turning it into a family room/guest room.
(TO DO: paint walls white... ugh. with lots of primer. purchased: new black curtains, 2 convertable sofa/futon/sleepers, 4 red floor pillows, zebra ottoman, new TV ( other accessories re-purposed and recused from storage!)
= new, spacious, 2nd floor family/guest room
we are taking the now "guest room" (the smallest room in the house) and making that our daughter's "new" bedroom. she's a sport for going along with this (trading her largest room for the smallest room)- but she too realizes that she rarely hangs out in her room- and that the large space will be much better used as a family space. (movie nite, wii, sleep-overs, space to hang with friends - out of the way of mom & dad!)

(TO DO: rip up the carpet, paint the walls a dark silvery grey, new curtains, open up the "single" closet to the "single" closet next door to make a double closet, snuggle a twin bed into the nook, using bed risers for lots of under bed storage, re-frame wall art, paint current desk - black) purchased: pink fuzzy pillows, zebra rug, hot pink twin sheets, black comforter.
= swanky, cozy lounge bedroom for a very savvy 12 year old
(lets' see how close I can come to my $1500.00 "design on a dime" budget! the more i save... the bigger the new TV!)

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