let the Dickens begin!

we live in the most beautiful little village in Central New York, Skaneateles NY. (it is where i grew up and my family still lives) it is always quaint and historical.. but today even more so! today starts our local town tradition of Dickens Christmas in Skaneateles. Our daughter, Chloe, has been participating for 5 years! she has attended weekend long rehearsals for the month of November... and today .. it's SHOWTIME!

it is glorious! the entire village is transformed into a Victorian wonderland!

Charles Dickens, Queen Victoria, Scrooge, Tiny Tim, Jacob Marley and the whole gang are here! carols, carriage rides, roasted chestnuts, stories at the Library with Mother Goose! The family friendly event - produced by Scarlett Rat Entertainment and sponsored by the Skaneateles area business community & draws over 20,000 visitors each year (sat & sun between Thanksgiving and Christmas)

here's our little Chloe ( last year - age 11... she was a Prohibition Lady!

my husband and I made the signs! they were very funny!)

this year Chloe has decided to be an Orphan ... they get to run around the village, in cahoots with the pick pockets makin' lots of trouble!.. she thinks that will be lots of fun! no more beautiful costumes of velvet, fur, and bonnets trimmed with berries & lace! this year its drab and dirty... no color, no frills..! (and no make up, cell phones, nail polish... etc!) one must play the part you know! tonight i'm making her a burlap satchel so that she can carry her phone, tissues, chapstix, etc... discretely concealed within the correct time period! i told her her can make it look like and old flour or potato sack she found in the trash and fashioned into a bag.. she liked that!
she'll look a bit more like "this"... lurking in doorways and swiping chestnuts from the cart vendors!so... if you anywhere near here... I highly suggest a road trip!

and for those of you far, far away... I wish you could see it.. you would LOVE it! it is a great way to start the season! cheers!


  1. Oh my goodness, Shelly, she has grown SO MUCH in just a year! She looks more like her mother now!

  2. thanks Angela! they grow so darn fast! i truly can't believe it!
    she is taller than ME! happy Holiday!

  3. LOVE this!
    Wishing you all the joys of the season~