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shelly kennedy :: mom, artist, painter, business owner (of drooz studio), product designer, interior design fanatic, costume jewelry collector, magazine junkie & all around creative soul.
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I’m inspired by the color and detail of Richard Scarry’s work, the fierceness of Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie, the line work of Toulouse-Lautrec, the vast talent of Maurice Sendack, jewelry designed by Miriam Haskell, polka dots painted by Damien Hirst, the feel of sidewalk chalk on my fingertips, anything baroque or Renaissance, the juxtaposing of modern & vintage, and the honesty of children.

Nothing makes me happier than… a trip to the craft store, a new box of crayons, date night on the couch, a great find at a thrift store, the snore of my dogs, a rainy day (unless I have an outside party planned!), on on-time flight, a clean house, and happy-laughing-kind children.

I have painted and created my entire life. "Creating" has always been my favorite thing to do. For me, "happiness" is drawing, painting and just simply "making things". Piles of ribbons, beads, paints, paper, fabric, books and magazines surround me at all times!

As a "little girl" I liked to make jewelry from foil, build additions for my dollhouse out of shoe boxes, sew tiny pillows for my baby dolls, and decorate my sneakers with bubblegum wrappers.

I have a formal background in Art & Illustration, a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, a Masters degree in Multi-Tasking and a Doctorate in Glue Gun. I worked thru various creative jobs until 1998 when my first child was born. At that time I started painting "art for children".... for my daughter’s room, and gifts for friends and family. Four months later I was pregnant with baby number two, and quickly realized I wouldn’t be re-entering the job scene any time soon! I created a studio on old dining table in the basement and started to design a line of original art. Soon I began selling to local designers and baby boutiques in Chicago... and drooz studio was born.

For 1o years I grew drooz studio as a wholesale art business - selling decorative accessories to stores, websites,designers, mommys and hollywood celebs all over the world (even sold a "princess" wallhanging to a REAL Malaysian Princess!) The business grew & grew (at one time drooz employed 12 people!) and I was lucky enough to move operations into my dream "powder pink" farmhouse studio.... (an 1830's shamble we renovated in 2004 and painted pink! it was like working in a dolls house :))

I’ve been blessed to have my designs featured by Where Women Create (Summer 2012),
 People magazine, Country Living, InStyle, Nickelodeon, Better Homes & Garden, Rachel Ashwell/Shabby Chic and countless other magazines and books. Additionally, my work has been seen on the set of television shows such as ABC’s FRIENDS & Modern Family and Extreme Home Makeover.

With time comes change… In Jan 2008, after ten years of offering hand-painted art for children, I decided to close the wholesale division of drooz. Sold the pink farm house, and returned to my roots (the basement!) I am an artist and a designer- I have to create!!. I am so excited to return my daily focus to developing the many ideas I have spilling out of folders and notebooks...and then partner those ideas with manufacturers who can bring you the best products possible! 

My celebrated designs for children's spaces have been produced through licensing partners such as Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids, Demdaco, Gifts of Faith and a few new more soon to come! From time to time I offer originals & one-of-a-kind items at drooz.com as well.

my work & drooz designs have been sold thru wonderful retail partners such as  Garnet Hill, Layla Grayce, PoshTots, chasing-fireflies & Land of Nod.

Did you know? Drooz is a word that my daughter used as a toddler. She would use her "word" to describe her finger paints, play-dough, crayons, a plain piece of paper or newly finished masterpiece! "Drooz" was her word for creation & color, expression & enchantment ... the perfect word for what I love at drooz studio!

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  1. omg!! Shelley, your studio is amnazing!!! LOVE it!! and your work is so beautiful too! I love my tiny tiara and my princess signs!!
    xoxo, Your Friend, Tiffany