folks... seriously???

so... i keep seeing this pretty little throw blanket tossed all carefree and pretty like in the design mags & blogs ... i thought i'd check it out and maybe add it to my Christmas list. It's bold, it's classic, it's $1,125.00!!! folks... seriously?? i'm all for high design, good quality and a trendy accent.. i like "nice" things.. - but com'on a $1,125 blanket? now, in it's defense - it is the Hermes "signature Avalon H blanket. it is made of 85% wool, 15% cashmere. Measures 55" x 69".
does one let their dog lay on a 1,125 blanket??
does one let their cuddling children drink hot cocoa under a 1,125 blanket?does one hand wash a $1,125 blanket, or send it to the dry cleaner and expect it to come back?

(you also may be so inclined to purchase the GIANT Avalon blanket measuring in at 87" x102" for a mere $2,425.00)
(I'm thinking i like this one better anyway - $68.00 from Urban Outfitters)

images: heremes, elements of style, martensen jones , Atlanta Home Magazine & urbanoutfitters


  1. hilarious, shelly...that's a "really?!" item for sure. i seem to come across those more and more lately for some reason. searching out alternatives is a fun challenge though...ikea, anyone? xo

  2. Ha ha, no to the dog and hot chocolate ;)