the drama of it all...

so... we're spicin' it up here at home... a new color for the front door. Don't they say " Go Bold or Go Home?? well... how about a bit of BOLD at HOME! it's a bit dramatic (even for me!) but it is growing on me! Persimmon and Hot Pink... does it get any better that THAT!?
Painted the outdoor planters to match...

and bringing the color inside a bit with an accessory here and there

the scary outside crows got a sprinkle of glitter so they'll glow at night under a spot light...
during the day they stand guard and welcoming ALL!
(here's what is used to look like-nice-but better now!)


  1. love it...saw it the other day when i walked by...LOVELY!!!!!

  2. love it!

    i've admired your art, style, passion...and blog...for a long time, and thought i'd leave a note to let you know just that. your design inspires...keep up the beautiful work!


  3. Wow! Way to go big and bold!