wonderland of antiques..

Madison-Bouckville Outdoor Antique show... that's where I spent my saturday. it was lovely. 90 acres of picturesque farmland transformed into a wonderland of antiques and collectibles.. here's a bit of what I saw..

poor little "dressy Betsy"... on top of the heap..
she was one of my favorites!

here's what I scored! 3 beautiful pins.. (one for me.. the others will be made into Christmas gifts..)

a BIG SCORE!!! $20.00 for over 200 pre-1960 childrens books. TO DIE for Illustration! they are a bit musty... but I'll just take an allergy pill and browse!

a necklace... for me... some serious BLING!

mission accomplished! the only thing REALLY on my hunt list... a few skeleton keys to make into necklaces. check.


  1. Wow what awesome treasures!!Love those old spin tops and the vintage books:O) Thanx for sharing:O)

  2. Fun pics. I love the jewelry and the keys. I was just thinking the other day that Lauren and I needed antique key necklaces.