last days of summer...

we are squeezing ONE more road trip out of summer! we are calling it our "Wild West Roadtrip"! almost every stop has been planned (thanks to my husband!) ... lots of fishing, white water river rafting, hiking, cabins in the woods, panning for gold, cowboy shows, even digging for dinosaur bones and then working in the museum lab! all that sounds fantastic.. but I'm feeling the need for maybe a few things more "girlie"? thought maybe you creative & crafty ladies might be able to throw some suggestions my way! comm'on you know what I like!
i'm thinking art galleries, boutiques, flea markets, shows, anything artsy and fun that you think I shouldn't miss! please email or comment! thanks!

here's our itinerary:
fly to Denver - rent car- drive!
Loveland & Estes Park
Rawlins (just overnight) dinner suggestions?
Yellowstone! (2 days- share suggestions!)
Jackson/Jackson Hole (any nice hotel/spa suggestions?)
we then fly to Chicago for a "family weekend"
(Great Grandmas suprise Birthday!)
then fly HOME for SCHOOL!

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