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books and summer. hummm. i know, i know... we should be reading ALL summer.. but somehow we just haven't been here (BUT... we have been making homemade candies and chocolates, building box traps, working on our backhand swing, catching crayfish, and drinking killer mojitos with mint we grew in our yard!) sooo. if you are thinking you might want to "read" a bit with what's left of summer... these selections are family favorites.. and full of fun - here are a few books to play with!
(click on each book cover for more info)
this book - full of amazing things to build (fun for kids and adults..perfect for 9-14 yr olds) most supplies can be found in recycle bin or in the back of the craft cabinet.
Richard Scarry is my hero. I have still have many of his books that I collected as a child. This is one of my all time favorites! "Richard Scarry's Best Rainy Day Book Ever" - great for little kiddos...
(this is the original from 1974) ..i think reading so much Richard Scarry is why I want to be an "artist" when i grow up.

now re-released in 2004.. and looks like this!
seems VERY expensive..collectors book?? there are lots of other great Richard Scarry books... here.

perfect for recent high school or college grads, or maybe a wedding or anniversary gift.. (I gave to my husband for fathers day) full of inspiration, ideas, worksheets and sparks the motivation to conquer anything - even your wildest dreams!

Keri Smith is BRILLIANT! JUST brilliant! you must check out her website - full of fun and creative missions. I bought this book for my 11 yr old son to help spark "journaling" ideas ... the book teaches interesting ways to "explore" everyday life - collecting, observing, and digging into the not-so- ho-hum curiosities of everyday .

this one I recently purchased for my 12 yr old daughter. it is a journal for us both to complete. one half of the book is for "daughter", flip around, the other half is for "mother" - she completes a section and then gives to me. great way to open conversation, ask questions, and share thoughts.


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  1. LOVE this post! It just doesn't get much better than Mr. Scarry, does it?! Thanks for the great book titles, and for all of the inspiring, creative, lovely bits you add to my day. Take care!