rainbows in my camera..

i've been know to like a little color in my life.
I even have rainbows in my camera!a rainbow of headbands at the Renaissance Festival
a rainbow of books in my studio

a basket of rainbow colored ribbons on my floor

flowers at the grocery store...
a rainbow of toys in the city market in Iquitos, Peru
a rainbow of markers on my desk
hanging a rainbow of laundry in Peru (could you imagine HAND washing your laundry in the Amazon river for all those kiddos?? this lady does!)
rainbow- colored handmade goodies at PapaBubble, NYC
cups of rainbow colored candies before on of our gingerbread house decor parties.. and even a REAL rainbow... i caught with my iphone while driving home on a country road one day! (stopped the car... jumped out into the middle of the road... and was almost knocked down by a running deer!)
HAPPY WEEKEND... i wish you many rainbows!


  1. thank you...that just made my day!!! and it just started...so, it can only get better! it was like being in a trance for a few minutes!

    thank you!!!

  2. What gorgeous colorful pics!!! Loved them thanx for sharing:O)

  3. love all of these, esp. the candies:)