Lonny love: issue 5

it's here! it's here! the newest LONNY- and once again it does not disappoint! here are my 5 favorites from issue 5. fresh, clean, full of ideas and great products - I'm all for saving the trees - but i do wish this was a print version magazine - it is just not the same... i want a paper copy that I can flip thru over and over!

have a coLoRful day!


  1. hey shelly...

    that's my Elephant in the black and white tiled photo!!! no wonder i, too, like her style!
    let's get together soon...

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I love the picture with the chandelier, that's my favorite. Lovely post Shelly.

    Lisa and Hugs.

  3. I would LOVE a paper copy too!! SO glad I found your blog, I love it! I'm a new follower. xx

  4. Wow, Shelly. I am so glad you shared Lonny. I had no idea!