will Stella get her groove back?

wow. what a week here. what a BAD week. on Mother's day our beloved dog Gus passed away unexpectedly. He was only 4 1/2 yrs old and left us way too soon. I've been very "down" to say the least. he was such a little sweetie who slept and snored on my pillow every night. I'm not the only one missing him. his little sister (and litter mate) Stella is taking it all pretty bad too. we are keeping her busy with extra walks, extra hugs, and extra treats.. here's something that made us smile this week!

we came home yesterday from some errands (me and Stella) as she ran to the front door she spotted a beautiful vase of flowers (right down on the ground level...) she was admiring and sniffing...and I said "Silly Stella, those are not for you!"... well.. Silly ME.. cause guess what?
there WERE for Stella! see.. right there on the card STELLA STRANG.
here's the sweet card... can you read? it is from Dilly & Tosh... our doggies friends from town. made us all smile. thanks Dilly & Tosh ... that's just what we needed.

here's the two buddies. Gus left.Stella right.
-Gustuv Unique Strang (G.U.S.) 11.4.05 - 5.9.10-
we miss you Gus.

in case you are wondering.. here's what happened to Gus. 2 weeks ago he suffered 3 seizures in 5 hours one evening. (first time ever) we took him to Cornell Pet Hospital were he had an MRI and spinal tap to rule out other diagnosis. he was diagnosed with epilepsy - stayed there a few days, and came home on daily medication and we were taught what to do for the seizures.. - sad, but no big deal. (so we thought)

on Thursday... almost 9 days after being on the meds he started throwing up, and stopped eating - I took him back to Cornell. and he was in liver failure, (reversible.. and they thought he could pull thru)however.. because of his low functional liver - his blood stopped clotting, he had 4 transfusions over this weekend - it was a roller coaster of phone calls to us he seemed worse, better, then worse - then slight coma, then he started internal bleeding in his lungs.. so we made the choice to let him go.

it all happened so fast - he was scheduled for bloodwork at 14days on the meds. to make sure everything was Ok. ugh. I just wish they had told me one week, instead of 2 weeks.

just an FYI - the seizure medicine was zonisamide. Cornell has NEVER seen a fatal reaction to this medicine and they plan to make a case study of Gus. autopsies are being done this week. they stand by the fact that the medicine is "safe" and think Gus had an isolated reaction.


  1. So very sorry! I know your hearts are broken.

  2. So sorry. WE had to have a cat put down and I had to have my son take the cat in. I couldn't do it. he texted me the whole time. even as he was burying the cat in the back yard. makes me cry to re-read the texts that he sent me.

  3. i'm so sorry, shelly...i know i haven't been very supportive...i know it is heartbreaking and sara has told me that she has kept in touch with you. you are in my prayers and again, my apologies!

  4. My heart goes out to you. Much Love Shelley.

  5. OH Shell, I just popped by to see what you were up to. Breaks my heart, Iam so sorry for your loss. Give your Stella extra loves...thinking of you and your family.