tinsel trading loooooooove.

now, i know most of you crafty types have probably seen of, heard of, or been to Tinsel Trading in NYC -but, if by some change you have NOT.. please put it on your list of place to visit. it is crafty girl heaven.
look how happy I am! I bought 3 yards of 6" wide bright yellow ribbon.(see..I'm holding it) have no idea what I will use it for.. but, gosh. i love it!
(it happened to match my scarf and vintage flower brooch - i'm very into yellow these days!) can you believe i was able to choose only ONE ribbon to purchase??

i took these pictures last month when I visited NYC - prior to easter.. so they were all decked out with bunnies and spring yummies. you can visit online too... and be sure to check out the pages of Wendy Addison (one of my all time favorite inspirational woman ) - a collection designed for Tinsel Town exclusively.
"Driver.. please take me to:
Tinsel Trading Company
1 West 37th Street
New York, NY 10018"
... Please."


  1. OH MY!!!!!!!!!! what a wonderful place...i can't believe you had the discipline to only buy one thing! I think i could live in that store!!! i could sit there and play ALL DAY!!! I'll definitely put it on my list!

  2. Wow! The next time I come to the city will be sure to stop by this amazing store! Thanks for the great tip!

  3. OMG!!!! My neighbor has been telling me about this place~~~it looks VERY dangerous (lol) My hubby would probably kick me out of the house after seeing the bill!!! thank you for sharing the pictures!