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my 10 yr old son is very into collection things. lots of things. he has a fascination with all things scientific, old and simply adores "found objects"-old wooden boxes, shells, rocks, antique locks and keys. he loves items with a Charles Darwin flair.. and we have been discussing for years to re-do his bedroom like an antique science lab. we have been collecting items for some time.. vacations, thrift stores, birthdays and from trips to his favorite store in the world ... Maxilla & Mandible.

i started cleaning his room last week... and in an attempt to "simplify" a bit carried away and I decided to do a "mini makeover"... we still need to paint the walls (maybe a dark,charcol grey like in the bedding.. with a wall of green chalkboard?, get a new rug (zebra print?), and finalize some details or storage & organization... but his antique science lab is on it's way! here are some of my inspiration pictures...

(1. emma cassi 2. NY Times Magazine 3. Better Homes & Garden)

here's what we have so far!

beautiful illustration print from Jen Renninger illustration

one of my favorite photos of Clark, with a teeny tiny frog on his forehead!
the prized and ever growning turtle collection - proudly perched infront of the very real, "Bumpy" the red earred slider turtle.

jars of shells & rock, books about reptiles, minerals and NY state birds & fresh water fish. giant jar of turtle food, and a bottle cap cobra.
clean and tidy... floors shiny and not a dust bunny is site. mission accomplished.. .for today!

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  1. My son has similar interests and I love it! Try antique maps as wallcovering or to cover a lamp shade. If you can find a map big enough he can mark or pinpoint his discoveries. How about a camp directors chair for the desk? Soooo many fun options. Keep discovering and collecting!