go see Tim Burton..

if you happen to be in or near NYC before April 26th ... GO SEE the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA. even though it is a bit dark and gross... and almost all completely in bad taste and not at all teeny tiny child appropriate.. (come on... it IS Tim Burton folks!) is was a HUGE boost of creative energy for me. the imagination, the detail, the bold colors, the distinctive line work, the massive amounts of black and white stripes!!! he is a one of a kind creative genius! check out the exhibit website.
the exhibit did get some negative reviews (as many of the 3D exhibit pieces were made by professional model makers based on Tim's drawings.. not made by Tim himself) i didn't mind though... it's all good! my favorite selections were Tim's early works... torn from spiral note books and framed. (probably from boxes and boxes of works stored in his parents basement!) it was amazing to see how his style was developed so early on (grade school and high school), and there was even a book that he had written and illustrated when he was about 20 yrs old - sent to Disney.. the book was there, his original letter to Disney, and Disney's reply back. they didn't except his work then... but dreams DID come true for Tim -as we all know - he has now worked on numerous projects with Disney. i purchased this "gift set" ... Voodoo Girl and a book of illustrated poems... (i adore the packaging... and probably would have just bought empty boxes had they been offered!) Working with Dark Horse Comics, Tim has designed a line of PVC figures that are AMAZING!! again.. a bit creepy... and not sure if I want my kids acting out skits with " the boy with nails in his eyes" & "staring girl" figurines - but they are full of creative detail and are just beautiful ( in that scary kinda Tim Burton way!) ... I'd love them all... but settled with just the one...
my favorite piece was this hanging carousal. large.. almost ceiling to floor .. it hung in a small room that was black lit, that also displayed T.B. paintings on black velvet that just popped off the walls.

if drooz should start to take a bit of a dark spin... you'll all know why! (lots more of NYC to come.. I just got back from a great weekend there with my mom and daughter. 3 days of 100% "girl stuff" in the big apple~!)

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