candy lab

on my recent trip to NYC we had a list of candy stores and chocolate shoppes to visit. (my 12 yr old daughter wants to be a chocolatier - so this was pure research!)..our great friend Lizzie told Chloe that a NOT TO MISS spot was papabubble in SoHo. these self proclaimed "caramels artesans"... are a wonder to watch. the tiny candy store" is set up like a scientific sweet lab -glossy subway tiles, a rolling library ladder, beakers of colored sugar waters and flavors, marble and stainless surfaces... sleek and modern, yet full of color, detail and sweet smells! they have perfected their "secret" methods of rolling and layering the candies to create symbols, letters, and even custom messages in flavors like passionfruit, kiwi & cola.
it was like stepping into a Wonka backroom... Papabubble expresses their "secret" as...
"Excitement and high doses of imagination to make a Papabubble candy you need small amounts of sugar and glucose, lots of quality and tons of attention of details. At Papabubble we bring new sparkles of creativity to each part of the manufacturing process; from the moment the sugar, the glucose and the water are mixed, to the final packaging of the sweet. Our love for experimentation means you can witness candy-making with all of your senses; the smell of melting sugar, the mix of colors, the taste of sweet.The candy making is also a performance, a joining of mix of art and sweetness"

sweet success.

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  1. I saw their candy rings in a bridal magazine the other day and discovered their website. It's definitely on the must see list for next time in NYC. Very cool Thanks for the tip.