to build or not to build

well. the new year is here. time to make a decision. we have been putting this off.. and off..but it is seriously time to gather our info, weigh the pros & cons... and decide! commit! either jump ahead. or get to fixing what is broken around here! we are thinking of tearing our house down and rebuilding on our lot. we worked with our architect friend who came up with this awesome Italianate style home ( traditional with a twist - love the yellow shutters!) after a few months of back and forth with the village boards.. we were finally granted permission to move forward with our plans. we live in a very historical village, on a street that has many large original 1900's homes.. so it is important that ours fits in on the street (which it so does NOT now!) .. however - we plan to shake it up a bit on the inside... modern and industrial. clean lines, white space. space. lots of open space.

(the new house would double our living space - and I'd finally have storage "in house"... which has always been off site for me (current house - no attic, 1/2 a garage, and basement that leaks.)

(meanwhile.. our house now..although adorable .. the windows all blow in cold air (some don't even close all the way!), the basement is freezing, a car won't even fit into our one car garage, our ceilings are so low my tall husband feels claustrophobic and there seems to be a problem with the plumbing in the kids bathroom... the problem being that it drips from the kitchen ceiling! yuck! not ideal during dinner.)

so. we are beginning the interior planning stage - but I don't want the norm... I'm searching for creative and alternative use of products. (stained sub flooring instead of hard woods, exposed beamed ceilings instead of finishing with drywall...)

PLEASE SHARE with me any blogs and or web sources that focus on "building" houses... not really "decor" sites... I have lots of those...) but sources that share, new build "journals", new build architecture, new materials, alternative use for materials, building tips, eco friendly finds, etc.. my two current favs are hooked on houses & dwell.

here's a peek into my "ideas folder"..
(sorry for the lack of sourcing... i had not intended to blog these... yet just keep for my own reference)

we like these ideas for the the kitchen area... dark floors, white walls, exposed ducts, black windows, big islands, clean lines.

these kinda looks for the dining area..

master bedroom (except with wall painted Ralph Lauren GunMetal Metallic - what I have now and LOVE!)

we have promised our son a Charles Darwin science lab bedroom..
something like this?

and a basement that we can actually hang out in!

and the best! a mudroom!! i've always wanted a mudroom!

please remember to share any sources for materials, blogs, and creative use of materials!


  1. Girl! How exciting. You should absolutely go for it. I can't think of a single reason not to. I don't have any sources for you but I know you will do something amazing. I can't wait to go along for the ride.

  2. I say go for it!! Your plans and ideas sound absolutely fab! I would love to watch the project progress here on your blog... it will help me to decide if we add a formal dining room and enlarged mudroom/laundry onto our house (or not!).
    Good luck, keep us posted.

  3. shelly, that is sooo beautiful!!! from the inside out!!! if i find any sites or magazines, i'll let you know! when do you think this would all start? I can't wait...what an inspiration you are!

  4. How excitng! Love your idea folder. If I find any good sites or blogs I will send yur way I have a bunch of info on sustainable resouces too.

  5. LOVEEE your plans ShellY!
    Lately I've been haunted with thoughts of industrial along with my primitive...Dave gets real nervous when I get this look in my eye. Last time when I went from the 1950's back to the 1700's it cost him $$$.
    I think I'll sit tight a bit and live through YOU! Can't wait to watch the progress both cyber and real life! Wonderful!

  6. Hi Shelly!

    Go for it!!! Sounds so exciting...I suggest taking a look at Brooke Giannetti's blog is a designer although her hubby is a architect and they have sooo many wonderful ideas and executed beautifully. Take a look you never know!?! I can't wait to see what you do!!! Enjoy!
    ~Miss Kris~

  7. a big thank you for the support, excitement and ideas! I'm working on it! :)