proud mama

last year we took a family trip to Peru. we stayed on a boat and traveled on the Amazon river - it was amazing! we stopped at villages along the way... and we spent and afternoon at a village school. we knew that we would be visiting the school - and my kids had asked if they could bring supplies to share with the village school children. - we brought small packs of crayons and small notebooks.. (here is my daughter handing them out. there were so many kids... we had lots to give, but not enough!) my daughter felt great... but sad that some kids did not get anything.We are headed to Nicaragua in February, and we will again visit a school in great need of supplies. this year she started early in her efforts to gather school supplies to insure that she has enough for everyone! - we may need an entire suitcase for crayons! She has started her own "effort" called Krayons 4 Kids. She has contacted local restaurants that give packs of crayons to kids (and then throw away!) she asked the managers if they would be willing to collect those crayons and save for her - she made labels for buckets to be distributed at these restaurants cute!

she started a blog krayons4kids - and we set up a donations button thru paypal (using the cash donations to purchase additional supplies, and fund VERY expensive postage to a few of the school she has visited in the past.

please take a look!

thanks, Chloe's Proud Mom


  1. what an incredible idea. and good for applebee's, for taking part! :) BEST OF LUCK to you, chloe!

  2. What a wonderful idea! How great of Chloe to start this. Good luck!

  3. brenna- thank you for teh generous donation. chloe was so excited..she sent you a thank you? right? :)

  4. Yes she did :o) I'd love to see some photos of your trip when you get back!