london calling...

it seems like every thing I see these days is from or in London. shipping costs a fortune... if they even will send over seas... If I had one afternoon to spend in or near London.. here's what I'd do! First, I'd pop over to Covent Garden Piazza, London and spend the morning at candy cakes. THE most adorable cupcakes, custom cakes and coffees I've ever seen! they have a few locations.. each with it's own distinct look and cafe style.i'd order this frothy treat while I sat on hot pink poufs and people watched. (then i'd see if I could fit the cup and saucer in my purse... Ok. not really)then I'd buy a bunch of these "to go" treats to bring home to my friends!

then I'd head over to Liberty , Great Marlborough Street, London. I'd pick up one ( or maybe a few) of these adorable pillows! what a great memento of London - right? this is by the amazing fabric designer Lizzie Allen.
then ..I'd get my hubby a pair of these very cool socks.. designed by Paul Smith. (also at Liberty).
is this not THE most awesome wallpaper you've ever seen? I sure think so. and I know one little boy who happens to live in my house that would think so. ... maybe just one wall?? this is called "animal magic"... and depending which angle to look at it.. it may or may not disclose the skeleton lurking inside!...Solid black silhouettes with glossy black varnish skeletons screen printed on a gray background. find it here.

this sweet little print from Keep Calm Gallery... by Seb Lester. they don't actually have a store front ( as far as I can tell...) but I'd ask if I could stop by since I was in the neighborhood.


  1. I am booking our flights... How about a weekend trip? Probably a good way for 2 good friends to spend a wknd!!!

  2. Hey Shelly,
    I like the theme and title of your post, it's actually really ironic, because I posted a blog 3 days before yours with the same title! Although our themes were different, it's nice to see a fellow "London-Lover!"... save one of those Candy Cakes pink puffs for me and I'll sip a latte and people watch with you!