seriously ?????????

i'm feeling the need to point my finger at another naughty artist that seems to have swiped a drooz icon for her NEW 2010 line. (of course I'm speaking only of the 3 roses and banner) geez. seriously?????? and then she has the nerve to stamp it COPYRIGHTED! I CAN'T stand it!

see her works at her etsy shop.
(update 12/30: looks like such said items have been removed from her etsy shop)


  1. ugh, it makes me furious, so furious that I want to email her..i can't even imagine your fury!

  2. I was just thinking of you today and wondering if you had any trouble lately.....not again! I am glad she (of course she) took it down - that is the most blatant rip off of your work I have seen to date - I mean was it traced?

    Your blog looked amazing (like usual) I never took any Christmas photos - nor did we even get a card out this year.

    I hope you are doing well - let's catch up soon...

  3. Copying art and pretending it is yours is very much like lying.

    Coming from someone creating religious art, I find that deeply ironic, and I would love to know how these people reconcile this with their own "faith"!?

    signed : Thomas

  4. thanks guys... this is such a downer topic... and I hate to sound like a broken record... but I really find it a very important topic is happening out there EVERYWHERE ... in an economy that is struggling, and and industry that is drowning in "look a likes"... I just feel that we can all do better, try harder, and find new,fresh creativity.