pre-holiday clean up!

spent the past few days getting cleaned up around here.. and sprucing up the decor for the holidays! went with a hot pink, red, black and white theme...(with touches of green and orange) come take a look!

this is a new piece from Oopsy Daisy/ drooz studio... LOVE it! I'll be sad to put it away ...

the puppers sure are enjoying the new set up. (as the back of the couch now looks right out onto the sidewalk! that's some prime people watching!)

our family room... calmer and more neutral...
browns, celery, creams and whites.the ice bucket is full of "dog balls"... (other wise they get lost in the snow!)

christmas books were stacked by the chimney with care..

and ... my office- the cleanest I have seen it in a very LONG time!

basket of business cards and papers I can not part with!

the striped puppy my 10yr old son won at a carnival. he was nice enough to share with mommy! I just adore it... and "droozed" it up a bit!
my prized ribbons...

my collection of mcdonald's happy meal toys that I have saved from the depths of my back seats!

happy holidays. enjoy the clean for the short time it lasts!


  1. I call my dog puppers too! How funny. I love your office. It's swoony!

  2. great job on cleaning up the Office!
    It inspires me to be trying to find the floor in mine! LOL... wish me luck! Hopefully I can do it by Christmas! I wonder if my family will come looking for me if I am sucked in by the clutter of art? Ha

    I enjoy your blog!