gingerbread house madness!

it's that time of year again... time for the annual family gingerbread house(except "family" this year really translated into dad and chloe... I helped a teeny tiny in-laws were here for a weekend and they helped a bit too) this year my daughter and husband cooked up a plan for "a Christmas carol" gingerbread house - it is amazing! ( looks more like a dollhouse than a giant cookie!) this has been ... ohhh... almost a month in the making... the design is similar to a stage set - it spins to reveal each scene. it is not yet complete... but I wanted to share the vision so far! (please note! this is NOT my project...i've been mostly on clean up duty!)
my husband drew, designed on the computer to scale, printed on heavy weight paper to make the paper template "cutters" , and then cut each intricate piece to bake - amazing! after baking, each piece was handpainted with food colorings ( hand blended for different brick colors, wood floors, glowing store front windows, stone, and leather wingback chairs!) Ebenezer Scrooge (made of fondant by my soooo talent husband! that is the cutest darn scrooge I’ve ever seen!) awaits in his room warming by the fire

the other sides of the house include… the S.A.Kennedy butcher shoppe(with the Christmas goose hanging in the window!) the offices of Scrooge & Marley, and the door the Ebenezer’s upstairs apartment ( love the knocker!) the ghost of Christmas past and present ( made of fondant)in the works!the ghost of Christmas yet to Come - the phantom hooded spirit is gingerbread , and an entire side of the house

Jacob Marley , bob cratchit and tiny tim in the works!(look at the chain made of fondant!) amazing!
if anyone has ideas for "preserving" something like this.. please let me know... we usually dispose of our candy houses by the end of Janurary - but I think we'll need to keep this one around for awhile!
(12-22- update!) still working on it... christmas spirit of the past is complete! she has spun sugar hair!


  1. Very cool "little" gingerbread house! I have been a fan of yours (and your artwork) since I came across you and your work while pregnant with my daughter (who will be 5 years old in Jan, WOW, it goes fast!). The idea that I could send you a note directly, thrills me a bit.
    As far as preserving the gingerbread house, I remember (maybe you do ,too) back in the 70's when I was just a babe myself (LOL!) my mom and her friends used to make "fake" bread and other goodies out of dough and then use them in artwork-- they would just lacquer the dough and it made it shiny and hard as a ROCK!... you might want to try it (in a well ventilated area!!).

    Jodie Milad

  2. Wow!!! My family is standing here amazed. We can barely do the gingerbread kits where the houses are already assembled. Too cool!
    Also, you should design more cool labels with your designs, then charge us to download and use them. I would totally by them!
    Have a very Merry Christmas and a very creative 2010!

  3. GORGEOUS! Chloe & Marc you have out done yourselves! Jules is bummed as we have not broken out our cutters as of yet... with me away. Oh well it will be a busy week this week catching up on all of our little projects. Hugs & kisses! L, A, J & J