or with some sweet kissing, or making a snow angel, or snuggling on the couch, or sipping lots of fine champagne, or going to bed at 9pm, or cleaning the fridge, or finish posting your Christmas cards, or walking the dog for a midnite pee, or shaving your legs & deep conditioning your hair, or dancing til you can't stand up, or starting a new craft project (or finishing all the ones you started in 2009!), or going out to dinner with the family and then all piling on the couch to all watch Moulin Rouge (again! love it!), or calling a loved one at the stroke of twelve... however you choose.... have a spectacular New Years Eve and best wishes for a even more spectacular 2010!

(original "Celebrate" art my shelly kennedy... a proposed restaurant poster from an ancient assignment- I did always think this would look super cute hanging in my kitchen. add that to the 2010 TO DO list.)


  1. Happy New Year Shelly! Ours was a quiet celebration on the sofa in our pj's. Just the way I like it!

  2. that's how we all ended ours...PJs and party hats on the couch at midnite - perfect!