puppy love.

it's official. I am a crazy dog lady. I never thought it would happen - but I can now confess - I'm crazy about these dogs. i was cleaning out folders on my computer and I was amazed at the number of "dog" pictures I have saved - why did I save?? I have NO idea.... but now I will share! these pups are of the Boston Terrier or French Bull dog varieties.

(I'm sorry not to credit these images... I really don't know where I have collected them from... but please enjoy!) I hope they bring a smile to you.

and of course I MUST add my personal favorites..
MY cuddle monkeys Stella and Gus! 4 years old TODAY!
Happy Birthday Puppers!

I have to add ONE more! post halloween sugar crash - pillow buddies!

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  1. Just sent a link to your post to a friend of mine who has a Boston Terrier named Mozart. Your babies are adorable.