let the magic begin!

here's an out of the box assignment for me... more of a challenge than I had anticipated - but much fun none the less! I was recently asked to design the Holiday Coloring contest for our local newspaper - easy huh? not really.

needs to be line art work only. (I now realize how much I rely on COLOR for texture, pattern, contrast and over all INTEREST! needs to be non-denominational, wintery holiday, not just "Christmas" . needs to be easy enough for the 6 year olds , but interesting enough for the twelve year olds! no teeny tiny details - remember, there will be crayons involved!

kinda cute, (however my daughter is not a fan of squirrels and was a bit freaked out that these little guys are snacking on candy canes and keeping warm with cocoa!) let's hope no other children are scarred for the holidays by my linear attempt to "let the magic begin"!


  1. I love it, but then I'm terrified of woodland creatures so...

    It was so much fun to meet you at SB. You are such a cutie! I hope we'll get to do it again.

  2. You are so talented. The kids are going to love it!!!

  3. I just found your blog! I love it! I had both of my daughters, ages 8 & 13, look at your drawing and they both love it! So, you've got two thumbs up..well, mine too, so three thumbs up from us!