craftin' halloween

this poor little scary spider has been getting a work out at my house! I found him as a clip art image online - and just could not get enough of him!

I made party invites... (we are actually having TWO parties... and adult cocktail party on Friday, and a family kiddo party on Saturday!) so I used the same invite and just changed the day, time and details for each...

I made a return address label.. this was made with AVERY labels- about 3x4" and filled the front of the envelope nicely!

I made myself a necklace! inspired by the incredible necklaces at Hotcakes Jewelry ... here's my very home-made version! the large circle piece is an old wooden earring that I "modge podged" the spider to.. dug threw my boxes of old beads.. and voila! I'm a scary (yet, well accessorized!) spider lady!

and I made wine tags for my party guests... ( so excited this worked.. and will be sure to make for other themed parties) I printed the spiders random on a 81/2 x 11 sheet of card stock, cut circles with the 3" cutter by Marvy (found at AC moores, or Michaels), and then center cut a smaller circle using the McGill long reach 9/16" circle cutter - then just snipped with scissors so it can be easily slipped on.. each guest can write their name!

cheers! have a wonderful Halloween!


  1. I love all the invitations you do! I am jealous I do not posess that talent. You say clip art like it's just like breathing air to you. I would NOT know the first thing to do. Isn't that sad?

  2. Shelly, You should design invitations and stationary. Your designs are great!