working on the "do to" list...

Ok... so...week one of back to school.... went pretty good... for the kids.. and really good for ME!checked a few things off my "to do" list ... and got two new paintings completed! these two are painted on some vintage sheet music I found at a junk shop. both of these will be matted and framed (20x20), and are works I created for 2 local fundraisers- to be a part of silent auctions. the first piece, "rocking the boat", is a piece I created for our local historical society fundraiser ... "Sailing Through History".
The second piece "sing loud, sing often", is also for a fundraiser - this one is for a "Ladies Day Out"... a day of pampering, shopping and fun ... (to proceed my friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer)

ps. oh, SHOOT! i forgot to share this wonderful post by friend
Jamie. she always has a great perspective on the issues at hand!


  1. I love them, Shelly. I REALLY love them. I really dig the layered thing.

  2. Hi Shelly~

    What delightful paintings, so pretty on vintage sheets of music! The little bird singing I can almost her tweet over here. Lovely!!!

  3. Oh you amaze me all the time - what beautiful paintings. I tried to paint some art for my house too....then got caught up in shopping and bought something. I wish I could be more like you :). Thanks for the shout out too - I will try and keep my cranky pants off for a time.